Getting Started With Makeup

So since I’ve started this whole ‘adulting’ thing I’ve been trying to find ways to be more confident in myself on a daily basis. All of my friends are really into make up, I’ve never been. I’ve always been too lazy and just generally uninterested in having stuff on my face. So usually I only wear makeup when I’m going out with some friends. I decided to go into “Blue Mercury” and I did a beauty consultation with Katie- she was awesome! 

So she showed me which products are best for me and how I should apply makeup. I really don’t like a lot on my face so I got some really awesome light foundation with some concealer and some other products. She also taught me how to contour and other things. It’s important to spend money on things that go on your face so that you can protect your skin. Plus you want to buy good brushes because they’ll last. I’ll share with you all what I’ve learned.


  • All over foundation brush 
  • Flat tradition foundation brush (used for my concealer)
  • 3 eye shadow applying brushes
  • Nars blush, Madly (used for contouring)
  • Yves Saint Laurent foundation, sand
  • Nars creamy concealer, medium
  • Trish McEvoy eye base, bare
  • Trish McEvoy gel eyeliner, deep aubergine
  • Below is a photo that shows what Katie used on my face and what brushes belonged to each- I didn’t buy all of it because I had some 


  1. Apply moisturizer and primer to your face (I used M-61 Powerful Skincare hydraboost moisturizer which is both primer and moisterizer)
  2. Start with your eyes (this way it’s easier to clean your face if some falls off)
  3. Apply your foundation all over your face
  4. Use the concealer to cover up anything that your foundation doesn’t
  5. Contour your face by adding the contour colors right at your cheekbone
  6. Highlight your cheekbone by adding your highlight color above your contour line
  7. Apply your blush inbetween your contour and highlight color on your cheekbone

Take a look at this amazing video by Katie from Blue Mercury as she transforms my face! This shows steps 5-7. 


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