Tiny Tip 3- Try These!

Sorry I’ve fallen off the map recently… I made some pretty big changes! I moved to MD and I started working a job in DC! Very exciting time in life. Each night that I come home from work, I’ll cook a healthy dinner and also eat that for lunch the following day.

I promise to post the recipes that I’ve been cooking soon! In the meantime, here are some really yummy recipes I want to try.

Tiny Tip 2- Contouring and Highlighting, Help!

Okay so I know I posted a video of Katie from Blue Mercury doing my makeup for a little help (also posted below for your reference) but the issue is I still need a little more guidance. So like anyone, I used the Google Machine!! Here were some helpful photos and websites I really liked. This all aligned with what Katie showed me, but a little easier to see and tell so I can mimic her fantastic work. 

Here’s one of the photos I really loved that helped. 

And here’s a website with step by step instructions as well as really awesome photos, click here.

Please let me know what you think and anymore tips you’ve found!

Tiny Tip 1 – Waist Trainer

SO I am trying really hard to lose weight in a healthy way. A few of my friends have a few waist trainers so I decided to try them out! I got two off Amazon that were super cheap. 

The first one that I have is kind of like a portable sauna. It’s Velcro and you wrap it around yourself and make it as tight as you want. It’s super comfortable also which is a huge bonus. I’ve found that on days where I’m feeling a little self conscious, I wear this one. I also really enjoy sleeping with it because it’s comfortable and is the time where you can’t forget to put it on or get your hours in. The one I ordered is below but I’m sure that there are tons of other ones out there. 

The second one that I got is more for training the sides of my waist. I really like this one but I think it’s more to train rather than take some weight off. I really like this one but I wear it for short periods of time because it’s slightly less comfortable. But it really starts to show after wearing it. The one I bought for this is below!